Avoid these Common Blood Pressure measuring mistakes in 2021

Avoid these Common Blood Pressure measuring mistakes in 2021
Posted by : Firstmed    20-10-2021

If you have hypertension, it's critical to check your blood pressure on a frequent basis. Here are some pointers from a professional on how to take your blood pressure at home.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is like the "silent killer" since it causes no symptoms. It increases your risk of heart disease without you even realizing it. Blood pressure can be controlled with a few dietary and lifestyle habits.

If you have high blood pressure, it's critical to monitor your levels on a regular basis. Keeping track will assist you in efficiently managing the disease and understanding the precautions you must take.

To maintain a consistent track, many people check their blood pressure at home. Are you, however, checking your blood pressure properly? There are various mistakes that you may commit without realizing it.

Here are some points to keep in mind when checking your blood pressure to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Things to stay away from when taking your blood pressure at home

According to Dr. Sunil Sekhri, "everyone with high blood pressure should check his blood pressure at home on a regular basis." He also gave instructions on how to take blood pressure readings at home.

  • Purchase an instrument with the proper cuff size. Before you start using the equipment, confirm the reading with your doctor.


  • Take your blood pressure twice a day, first before taking medicine in the morning and then again in the evening, preferably at the same time each day.


  • Wait 30 minutes before taking a measurement before eating, drinking, or smoking.


  • Before and during the monitoring, sit quietly. Before taking the reading, sit 5 minutes in chair.


  • Don't wear the cuff over your clothes; it should be worn on exposed skin.


  • The arm should be resting on the table or the arm of the chair at the level of the heart.


  • Do not take another blood pressure reading on the same arm for more than 3 minutes.


  • Slouched, unsupported back/feet might add 6 to 10 points to a reading. Those taking a blood pressure test should sit in a chair with their backs supported and their feet flat on the floor or on a footstool.


  • A reading of up to ten points higher can be obtained if the arm is not supported. The measurement cuff will be leveled with the heart if the arm is propped up on a chair or counter.


  • A common blunder is wrapping the cuff over clothing, which can add 5 to 50 points to a reading. Make sure the cuff is on a bare arm instead.


  • A reading that is 2 to 10 points higher could be due to an improperly sized cuff. A correct fit can be ensured by speaking with a health care specialist.


  • Sitting with your legs crossed can raise your blood pressure by 2 to 8 points. Uncross your legs and make sure your feet are supported.


  • Talking, including on the phone can boost your score by ten points. During the exam, be calm and silent to ensure an accurate measurement.

In the announcement, Hochman stated, "These simple things can make a difference in whether or not a person is classed as having high blood pressure that requires treatment." “Knowing how to effectively measure blood pressure at home and spotting inaccuracies at the doctor's office can help you manage your BP and avoid unnecessary drug changes,” says the author.

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