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Best Oxygen Concentrator in India 2021
Posted by : Firstmed    16-10-2021

If you have a breathing issue, are a covid-19 patient, or are in the midst of a medical emergency, and your doctor has prescribed an oxygen concentrator machine, the first question that will come to mind is which oxygen concentrator is the best.

So there's no need to be concerned; instead, let us inform you about the greatest oxygen concentrator accessible in India.

You can look at the list of Best Oxygen Concentrators below, which is based on "Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Oxygen Concentrator," and while compiling it, we made sure to consider which oxygen concentrators are most frequently recommended to patients by doctors, as well as their customer service availability.

We've also made sure that all of the oxygen concentrator devices in our list of the top oxygen concentrators have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

1. Philips oxygen concentrator everflo 

Philips Everflo 5 ltr Oxygen Concentrator is ranked first on our list of finest oxygen concentrators. Philips Respironics is the most well-known name among top oxygen concentrator manufacturers. For a long time, they've had the largest network of dealers and authorized service facilities in the Indian market.

The question that will arise in your thoughts now is why this Philips oxygen concentrator is ranked first on our list. So the answer is simple: this Respironics oxygen concentrator is unique because of its features such as lightweight, easy maintenance, low power consumption, three-year warranty, and extended life.

Philips oxygen concentrator everflo key features and specifications

  • Oxygen flow - If we're talking about the oxygen flow of an Everflo oxygen concentrator, we're talking about.

5LPM-5LPM refers to the fact that you can vary your oxygen need up to a maximum of 5 LPM as instructed by your doctor.

  • Oxygen Flow Meter- A flow meter that can be adjusted. You can modify the oxygen flow with the help of this device.
  • Oxygen concentration - higher oxygen concentration, 93 +/- 3% at 5 LPM. This implies that at its maximum oxygen flow of 5 lpm, this Philips oxygen concentrator provides a minimum of 90% and a maximum of 96 percent oxygen concentration.
  • Low Power Consumption - This machine uses 350 watts of power, which is less than a coffee maker, allowing you to use it on the inverter in the event of a power outage.
  • Input voltage- AC 220 volts +/- 10%

2. Firstmed oxygen concentrator

The Firstmed Oxygen Flow Meter is designed for use in hospitals and at home with an oxygen B-type cylinder. It is lightweight and moveable to another location. It's simple to use; simply tighten it into the oxygen cylinder valve and slowly open the cylinder valve; however, you must keep an eye on the flow meter gauge, which displays the exact pressure in the oxygen cylinder.

On the other hand, you only need to attach the medical oxygen mask to the patient, who will then receive the appropriate amount of oxygen based on their needs.


• Medical in aspect

• Indications for Use: Oxygen Patients

• Appropriate for both adults and children

• Disassembled

3. Equinox Oxygen Concentrator EQ-OC-09

It is very handy and effective oxygen therapy equipment. Patients can benefit from the portable device's efficiency.

Significantly greater oxygen concentrations than ambient air levels.


The gadget is used to provide higher oxygen concentrations during oxygen therapy.

Specifications and Features of the Product:

  • The product is lightweight and portable.
  • The output pressure is increased to guarantee proper flow delivery.
  • It generates minimal noise.
  • It has a maintenance alert system.
  • It uses cutting-edge 'cooling' technology to increase the unit's reliability and lifespan.
  • Includes a high- and low-pressure alarm.
  • Includes a power outage and a low purity alarm.
  • High-temperature compressor shut-off and current overload shut-off are included.
  • It has locking caster wheels.


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