Top 5 Best Blood Glucometers in India 2021
Posted by : Firstmed    07-10-2021

India's Best Blood Glucose Meter

Even if diabetes may not appear to be lethal, it can create major health issues if it is not managed properly. As a result, diabetes individuals must monitor their blood glucose levels frequently to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 As a result, carrying a portable Glucometer with you is a practical way to monitor how different prescriptions function and gain a better understanding of your diabetes.

A glucose meter, often known as a glucometer, is a very useful gadget. It's a handy, portable tool for tracking blood sugar levels and adjusting medications, food, and other factors as needed. Furthermore, it is simple to operate. It is critical to select the most precise blood glucose meter available on the Indian market.

The top 5 best glucometer machines in India, as studied and assessed, are listed below. We've also included a buying guide to assist you in selecting the finest product.

The Top 5 Best Blood Glucose Meters in India are listed below.

1. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

It is one of India's best glucometers. It includes ten free strips. It may be linked with the app wirelessly. It has a target range indication that might provide visual comfort. This function can be used to customize the gadget to match your needs or to set personal goals.

The minimum blood sample required for this equipment is 0.5 mg/dl.

When compared to other glucometers, its test strip has the biggest dosage window and absorbs blood efficiently.


• Personalized apps and wireless (Bluetooth) synchronization

• Measuring blood sugar levels accurately

• Edge test strips that are simple to use

• Visible window that is easy to read


• This product's test strips are difficult to come by.

• Market.

2. AccuSure Simple Glucometer

Last but not least, a basic Glucometer from AccuSure. No, this is not to be confused with Accu-chek; they are two separate companies, but this one has earned the last slot on our list for good cause.

For starters, the meter comes with a slew of useful functions, all at a very reasonable price. This is the greatest meter for anyone on a tight budget who doesn't want to sacrifice features or accuracy.

A 4th generation BG monitor is featured on the display, which displays time and smiley indicators to help you comprehend the test results better. The display is wide and easy to read, and the accuracy meets the required standards.

Each of the 25 test strips in the strip vial is of higher quality, absorbs blood samples faster, and improves accuracy. It features a long shelf life and a strong case that provides better overall protection.

Aside from that, it includes a large memory of 1000 test results as well as a strip ejection feature. Not only that, but it also includes early symptoms of ketone alert, which helps to avoid any further difficulties.

While inserting the strip into the slot, the strip indicator notifies you, and the readings are processed in eight seconds, which is a little faster than most basic Glucometers we've examined.

Overall, the meter has a good range of functions and accuracy, as well as a lifetime warranty, although coding requires considerable effort.


• The meter has a lifetime warranty and is simple to use.

• Durable case with high-quality test strips

• Accurate and timely test results

• Ketone Alert feature


• No automatic coding

• Strips are costly.

3. GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor by Dr. Morepen

It's a blood glucose monitoring system that uses biosensors. The results are instantaneous and need only a small amount of blood.

If you're searching for a glucometer that's a little less expensive, this is a great option. It also has a huge screen that makes reading the results simple. The readings are only displayed for 5 seconds.

This device has the extra benefit of being able to save up to 300 prior readings for future use.

It also comes with a long guarantee and is an easy-to-use and convenient device.


• No coding technology is required.

• It results in an average of 7, 14, and 31 days.

• It comes with a Morepen Lifetime Warranty.


• There may be fluctuations sometimes.

• The strips aren't always available.

4. One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

If you're looking for a glucometer that's simple to use and comprehend, this is the tool for you.

It's a straightforward product using colorSure technology. This makes determining blood sugar levels much easy.

It uses three colors to represent the readings. The color blue indicates that blood sugar levels are low, green indicates that blood sugar levels are normal, and red indicates that blood sugar levels are high.

It has a five-year track record of accuracy and complies with international standards.


• The device is simple to operate.

• There are thirteen depth choice settings for easier operation.

• The ColorSure technology makes it easy to accurately determine blood sugar levels.

• It also contains an alert system, which is useful for new users.


• There are no substantial disadvantages.

5. One Touch Ultra Glucometer

One Touch Ultra is the foundation product for Life Scan’s One Touch Ultra series of blood glucose monitoring devices. It is a blood glucose monitoring device for patients with diabetes.

One-Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Meters offer five-second blood glucose test results, as well as numerous memory and flagging options. Plasma values are used to display the results.

When employing alternative site testing, One Touch meters are sold in kits that include a carry case, a lancing device, a control solution, sample quantities of lancets, and a replacement cap for use with the sampling device.

In terms of design and operation, the One Touch Ultra 2 Meter is identical to the One Touch Ultra Meter, but it also includes Before and After Meal Flags, Comments, and a list-style memory recall. This meter also offers 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day averages, as well as the option of averaging before and After Meal recordings.

The Life Scan One Touch line currently consists of two items. They are the One Touch Select plus Flex meter and the One Touch Plus meter, both of which are code-free and use the same blood sugar strips.


• Large screen that is simple to use and read

• Slim, lightweight, and compact design

• Good connectivity and features.

• A little blood sample is required.

• The case is solid, and the test strip is of good quality.


• Some useful functions that could have been added to the meter are missing.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Blood Glucose Meter in India

Are you having trouble deciding which blood sugar testing machine is the best? Don't be concerned! We've developed a list of the most important considerations to make before selecting the right glucometer for you.

Keeping the following considerations in mind, you may choose the best blood sugar meter brand for you from the list above.

Let's take a closer look at these elements!

  • Whether or not the meter is simple to maintain:

The most important element to consider when purchasing a glucometer is whether it is simple to maintain. A glucose meter that requires a lot of care can be cumbersome to take around.

  • Doctors' recommendations: 

Doctors have a wealth of knowledge and can recommend the most accurate glucose meter. They will also recommend a glucose meter with additional features based on your health concerns, such as those with ketone detectors.

  • Readings are saved in the following way:

Keeping track of your blood sugar levels can help you determine whether a particular medicine or way of living is good for you. As a result, you should make sure that any glucose meter you buy preserves records of your blood sugar level for a long period before you buy it.

  • Time is taken to show the results:

A glucose meter's main purpose is to display the test results in a matter of seconds so that you don't have to waste time. As a result, it's critical to check how long the product takes to exhibit results.

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