What’s better: Accu-chek Guide or Accu chek active?

What’s better: Accu-chek Guide or Accu chek active
Posted by : Firstmed    05-10-2021

If you ask someone in this generation what the best investment or thing they ever want is, the majority will reply it's being healthy. Living a healthy and balanced life is today not just a goal of many fitness enthusiasts, but also of many others who desire to live a disease-free life.

Diabetes is the most common disease that affects people of all ages. Desserts and sweets can make controlling blood sugar levels nearly difficult at times. You can still live a diabetic-free life if you exercise frequently, eat a healthy diet, and keep your weight under control.

It's also important to use a Glucometer to check blood sugar levels frequently to avoid developing a dangerous condition.

There are many different brands of Glucometer on the market. We've picked two well-known brands, Accu chek guide and active, and compared them in this article, but which is better? Let's compare and contrast them.

  • Accuracy  

When comparing the accuracy of the active and guide, the guide comes out on top. Accu chek guide has complied with ISO 15197:2013 from its inception. Your findings can be obtained in as little as 4 seconds, and in certain cases even less. It includes memory for 1000 measurements, which may be viewed at any moment. While an active Glucometer provides accurate blood glucose level information, visual double-checking, and pre-and post-meal reminders, it lacks the Accu chek guidance feature.

  • Features

The active Glucometer has been developed from the unit and has wireless access when it comes to the features of both instruments. Spill-resistant and quiet, an active Glucometer is ideal for keeping strips safe.

Guidance Glucometer, on the other hand, can be simply fitted to your palm and features a display on which you can readily read your findings. The Accu chek guide wins the race in this distinction.

  • Affordability

Both Glucometers are almost the same price, but the Accu active comes with a few more testing strips, so it will be a little more expensive than the guide.

There are no strips included in an Accu chek guide, thus it is not costly. It is up to the individual to decide on their affordability based on what they desire or their budget.


When it comes to the use of Glucometer, both have a simple interface. With simple methods, you can use either Accu chek or Accu active. However, to use active, you'll need blood testing strips that you may slide towards the arrow to acquire accurate results.

While active, it takes at least 5 seconds to acquire the findings, but the guide may check in 4 seconds or less, saving you time. If you need to get somewhere quickly, the Accu chek guide is the greatest option.

Which is the preferable choice?

After doing the above comparison, you should have the best notion; now it's up to you to make the decision. Finally, it is up to you to decide what to do base on the rewards you receive.

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